Fort Lauderdale Hotel Recaps Your Florida Vacation Essentials

Bring Your Sunglasses and Sunblock!

Florida Vacation? We recap items that will ensure you will be ready for this tropical paradise the minute you check into your Fort Lauderdale hotel!

Whether this is the first time you are going on vacation or you have not gone on vacation in 20+ years, it is important to have several vacation essential items that will ensure you will be ready for anything your vacation life throws at you.

Use this list as a packing guide for your next big Florida trip, and be sure to bring all these items with you when you check into our Fort Lauderdale hotel!


Sunglasses are definitely a necessity when going on vacation, especially if you plan on sporting a bronze tan when you get back home. The sun can be very bright at times, meaning you are going to want to shield your eyes. Without a pair of sunglasses, you may even do some damage to your eyes if you expose them to the sun for long periods of time.

Bathing Suit

Bikinis, speedos, board shorts, or any other bathing suit is definitely a must bring on any tropical vacation, especially if you are staying in a hotel near Fort Lauderdale. Going on vacation without a bathing suit is like going to the mall and leaving your wallet at home — you’ll be unprepared! Of course there are plenty of beach shops where you can get a last-minute replacement, but be prepared to spend a bit more than you were planning on!


Speaking of wallets, make sure you do not forget your wallet! Nothing is worse than arriving to your vacation destination only to realize that you left your wallet and all of your money at home. Checking into a hotel without any identification, and with no money can prove quite difficult!


We say this a lot, and we’ll say it again: South Florida sun is no joke. If you are on the beach, or just tanning by the pool at your Fort Lauderdale hotel, tropical vacation spots get stronger and more direct sunlight than the rest of the United States and Canada, meaning you are going to need some protection from the sun. The lighter your complexion, the more likely you are to burn. Even if you don’t typically burn in the northern sun, you may burn down here, so make sure to get sunscreen with sufficient SPF to ensure your skin will not match the color of that lobster you’ll be eating for dinner!

Beach Towel

Bringing a beach towel may not sound important, but laying in hot sand that is bound to stick to every part of your body can be quite annoying. Beach towels are typically bigger than normal shower towels, meaning these towels are perfect for laying out on the beach. You can pick one up in just about any superstore back home, or grab one from a beach stop if you are already in Fort Lauderdale.

Snorkel and Goggles

You may not live in an area where there is a beach, but at most beaches, snorkeling is very popular. Snorkeling allows you to see what is under the water. South Florida’s clear, turquoise water is perfect for checking out colorful marine life and even coral reefs!

Rain Jacket

In the tropics, a clear day can turn into a quick but torrential downpour in an instant, especially in the summer. Packing a light windbreaker or rain jacket is a great way to avoid getting soaked. Thin rain jackets are perfect for a quick rainstorm — they are light, don’t take up a lot of room, and can be stuffed back into your beach bag the instant the sun shines again.

If you are checking into our Fort Lauderdale hotel because you are leaving for a cruise out of Port Everglades, all these items are just as important to bring. While on a cruise vacation, you will have less opportunities to purchase these items on board. Although some of the bigger cruise ships have shops where you can purchase most of these essentials, to avoid paying a premium, it is always best to bring these items with you.

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